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Frozen Shrimp Export Import Buying Guides

Importing frozen shrimp export is one job that you may need when you do some business. Of course you can buy the shrimp from local fisheries or fishmonger and get you the freshest shrimp, but they can cost higher than you buying frozen shrimp online. Importing seafood to get cheaper price has been done by many people, but to done such task, it is a bit complicated at first but it will be worth it especially if you want to get high quality shrimp in cheap price.
The first thing you should do is to get a permit. People who want to import any seafood need to have permit and you should apply for this permission by pay for some cost. Once you get the permit, you can import seafood legally. However, getting permission is just a tiny job that you should do since there are a lot of thing that you need to consider when buying frozen shrimp export products.

Frozen shrimp export buying guides
This is frozen shrimp export buying guides which you can follow when you want to import seafood product from other countries. Here are several some of important notes that you need to pay attention as follow:
1.      Buying from Asian countries shrimp suppliers
Buying Asian countries shrimp suppliers are the first best recommendation because most of Asian seafood suppliers can offer you lower price than other countries. Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand, China, etc. are just few large shrimp suppliers which you can order from. There are willing to ship to you tons of different shrimp species in cheap price and most of local and major grocery stores that you always went to find shrimp or other seafood, they might be also order from such suppliers so why not get the first hand to buy the shrimp.
The problem when buying frozen shrimp export online is that you may do not know where the suppliers harvested them from. However, most of the shrimp sold in the market now is a farmed shrimp and thus you may need to ask how they manage the shrimp in the farms. Due to over caught and the high demand in seafood industry, the shrimp is now raised and cultivated in the farms. Both small farmers and large manufacturers like to distribute farmed shrimp while the issue of being farmed shrimp is that the possibility of contamination and disease. It is important to ask the exporters how they raise the shrimp in their ponds or tanks! Make sure that they follow good standards and rules to ensure the safety of the shrimp. And when the shrimp arrive at your place, you still need to inspect them properly.
2.      Look for certification from major organizations
You should look for shrimp that sold by exporters is already certified by independent organizations or agencies. This is to make sure that the shrimp offered to you is raised without antibiotics and other chemical things. Farmers that conduct such practice needs to be prohibited to export their products. If you find the suppliers cannot show you their certifications and cannot ensure you about the sustainability then you can move to other shrimp exporters.
3.      The inspection
When you finally import the shrimp and they are arrive at your country, they need to go through some inspections. You need to have a good timing when you want to ask for inspection, do not just call the staff one hour before the shipment arrive. You should tell them few days before about 2 to 3 days before the shipment arrive.
In conclusion, importing seafood like the shrimp from frozen shrimp export is quite challenging. Maybe you will think about import them illegally because it requires less permission and shorter time, but do not try it. You will get a trouble when you done that. It is better to follow step by step when importing seafood legally and when you done it once, the next day you want to order the shrimp again from shrimp suppliers, it will get easier.
Hope this information regarding how to import from frozen shrimp export suppliers help you understand more about export import activities and why you should consider many things while being smart when conduct that for your business.

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