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Shrimps Benefits that is Useful for Your Body Health

Before you eating this food, you surely want to know more about various shrimps benefits since they may be useful for your health. Shrimp is a crustacean which life not only in the ocean but also in the river and lake. They can found all around the world in abundant amount, which make it easy for you to found a dish, which uses shrimp good quality as the ingredient in every country. But when you found that dish, you surely wonder about the benefits of the shrimp which uses as the ingredient whether it will be useful for you or not. Thus we will discuss its benefits more here.
List of shrimps benefits for your body
1.      Low calories
Some of you might maintain your body by having diet which is low in calories. If you are one of those people, you can still eat shrimps since it actually has low calories. A cooked shrimp in medium size only has 7 calories, this means you can easily eat one dozen of the shrimps and only add around 85 calories. It actually contains 15 calories less than chicken breast with 3 ounce weight. Shrimps benefits say that a jumbo shrimp which used in cocktail only has 14 calories, while 1 tsp of the sauce itself has 5 calories. This means when you eat 3 shrimps along with 1 tsp of the sauce each will only give you 57 calories. This is actually 10 calories less compared to a pig in blanket, and 20 calories less compared to 2 mini quiche or 2 mini empanadas.
2.      Rich in protein
Aside of the water content, this food is actually very rich in protein since it is what they make of. 3 ouches of boiled or baked dish of shrimp will give you protein for around 20 grams. This is only a little less than 3 ounces of chicken breast. Meanwhile a jumbo shrimp contains protein for around 3 grams together with a few carbohydrates and very few fats.
3.      Rich in nutrient
Shrimps benefits include its rich nutrient content which actually very important for your body. Only by eating 4 ouches of steamed shrimps will be able to cover more than 100% of your daily selenium need, more than 75% of daily vitamin B12 need, more than 50% of daily phosphorous need, more than 20% of daily choline, iodine, and copper need.
4.      Various antioxidant
Furthermore the minerals inside the shrimps are actually very beneficial for your body as there are two types of important antioxidant included. First is the selenium which is a type of antioxidant that can help your body to find free radicals. Those free radicals can damage your body DNA and membrane which can lead to premature aging as well as cancer disease. Selenium is also very important for the body immune system and for the thyroid to function correctly.
Shrimps benefits also mention about the second antioxidant which is the astaxanthin. This substance is actually the one that creates the color pigment on the shrimp’s body. However, for human it can reduce the inflammation which in time helps to prevent premature aging which caused by sunlight and UV lights as well as other disease. Thus if you want to make your skin appear healthier and prevent aging, then you might want to add some shrimps into your diet.
5.      High in zinc
Shrimps actually also contains zinc in abundant amount. This mineral is very important for your body since it is used to increase the level of leptin. The leptin itself is a hormone which is very important to regulate the storing of fat, regulate appetite, and regulate your body energy usage. Thus eating this food will give shrimps benefits which would not make you overeating, or craving for other food after you already full.
Those are several benefits that you can get when consuming shrimps as parts of your diet. Of course several people need to be very careful before even trying to get shrimps benefits since it is also known as common allergen for sensitive people. But if you already know that you do not have any allergy reaction, then you can try to consume the shrimps. Furthermore this food item is quite versatile thus you can actually create different dish using only this one ingredient.

Different Shrimp Classification Common for Eat

Since there are wide variety species of shrimp in the world, it is important to know which shrimp classification common for eat. Most of people in the world do love shrimp and this amazing small marine animal has numerous nutrients like minerals and protein. But did you realize that when you order shrimp salad or shrimp cocktail, your shrimp can actually be one of millions of different species? Even how the shrimp is caught and where they are come from can actually be different, from wild caught to farmed shrimp and domestic to imported shrimp. There are so many possible different origins and you may want to understand more about different shrimp classification common for eat.
Several shrimp classification common for eat
To help you understand more about which shrimp are safe to be consumed and sold widely in the market then we give you some list of shrimp classification common for eat. By knowing what shrimp to eat, you can ask the restaurant or supermarket clearly about your shrimp preference. Here are some of the species:
1.      Giant Tiger Shrimp
People also love to mention it as giant tiger prawn, although shrimp vs prawn can really be different. This is one of the most famous as well as the biggest shrimp in the world which commonly caught as human food. This shrimp can be found swimming through Indo-Pacific oceans and Atlantic Ocean in United States.
2.      Banded Coral Shrimp
Just like its name, this type of shrimp can be found in coral reefs with colorful and small body size, this particular shrimp like to being offered as aquarium pet too. It is mean that such shrimp truthfully does not mean to be placed on your plate and it is not shrimp classification common for eat. However, it could still being mixed with other unidentifiable species of shrimps especially and thus you do not need to be shocked when you see banded coral shrimp blended with other shrimp species and then served in your meal.
3.      Blue shrimp
This kind of species often mistakenly labeled as gulf pink. This shrimp widely distributed from Mexico since it is origin from Peru to Mexico in eastern Pacific. However, due to the overfished, Blue Shrimp is now listed as a shrimp species which need to be avoided.
4.      Brown, pink, and white shrimp
When you order gulf shrimp, there is big change that you are going to eat brown, pink, and white shrimp. These shrimp can be caught in the Southeast Atlantic waters as well as Gulf of Mexico. The demand of gulf shrimp as seafood is high and being white shrimp is the most popular out of the two. And when you talk about white shrimp, in fact there are still so many different species can be classified aside guld white shrimp.
5.      Royal red shrimp
This shrimp is considered to be one of the most luxurious and expensive shrimp species due to the lobster like taste with bright red color. Royal red shrimp classification common for eat is considered to be really delicious even more than brown, pink, and white shrimp varieties. It has sweetest and softest flavor and really a delicate meal to have.
6.      Farmed whiteleg shrimp
The whiteleg shrimp is the most common farmed shrimp species in the world and distributed widely. However, this species are often mistakenly sold as wild caught shrimp or gulf shrimp. Farming shrimp has become usual method to breed shrimp and more than 50 percents shrimp exported to various countries sourced from the shrimp ponds instead of wild caught in the ocean or rivers.
That’s several shrimp classification common for eat which you need to understand more so you are not mistakenly labeled them especially if you a restaurant owner or chef who like to serve shrimp meals for their customers.
In fact there is still thousands of shrimp classification common for eat whether taken from domestic area or imported from other countries. Any kind of shrimp species that you love to buy and eat, just make sure that you really understand what species of shrimp you purchase and what size you want to take because numerous shrimp species also vary in the terms of size, form, and taste.

Buying, Preparing, and Cooking Frozen Shrimp Recipes at Home

Buying frozen shrimp to make frozen shrimp recipes is sometime better than purchasing fresh shrimp. The shrimp which labeled as fresh by the sellers at your local groceries it does not mean they are not frozen at all because they are previously frozen in order to maintain the freshness and then thawed before being sold as fresh. Unless you have an access to buy fresh and raw shrimp which still alive after being caught right out of the ocean, it is always better to go frozen shrimp instead.
Anyway, shrimp is delicious and it is one of the most cherished sea foods in the world because many people love them. You can cook the shrimp in so many ways like grilling, pan frying, broiling, and many more. It does not matter whether you buy peeled or unpeeled shrimp, wild or caught and whether the head and tail still on or off as long as you know what to do when you want to cook them. Here are few important notes that you may want to understand first before cooking frozen shrimp recipes.

How to prepare and cook frozen shrimp recipes properly
Most of us must be buy frozen shrimp and many large supermarkets offer bags of frozen shrimp, these are some guides you can note when purchasing and preparing them for your delicious frozen shrimp recipes:
1.      When buying the shrimp
The frozen shrimp package should mention the country of origin as well as whether the shrimp is harvested from wild caught or the farms. You can look for a shrimp that packaged with ‘IQF’ label on the bag because it stands for ‘individually quick frozen’ which mean that the shrimp is not frozen in the ice block so you can possible to have better texture and flavor. In addition, check the ingredient because the only ingredient listed should be shrimp without additional chemicals, preservatives, or salt. The packages are usually mention about whether the shrimp is peeled or unpeeled as well as the size of the shrimp.
2.      Thawing or defrosting the frozen shrimp
Before you start to make frozen shrimp recipes the shrimp needs to be defrosted and how you thaw them will impact the final result especially the texture. When you purchase bags of frozen shrimp then this is some tips on how to thaw them properly:
-          Take out the shrimp according to your recipe and reseal the bag, store the unused shrimp back to the freezer.
-          Place the shrimp in colander and put into a bowl full of cold water. After that, let the shrimp soaked in the water for few minutes and take out. Change the water and repeat the process till the shrimp totally defrosted.
-          The shrimp should be defrosted completely when you leave them soaked in the water for 10 to 20 minutes. Before cooking, you should pat the shrimp dry.
Alternatively, you can also defrost the shrimp by store them overnight in refrigerator. The steps above are just some guides if you want to cook the shrimp quickly and straight out of the freezer.
3.      Start to cook your frozen shrimp recipes ideas
Some note to successfully cook frozen shrimp is by not overcook them. Regardless of the cooking method you want to use like broiling, frying, grilling, etc. It is better to not cook them for too long because they cook quickly. Depending on the size of the shrimp, it is usually just need about 2 to 3 minutes for the shrimp to cook and the flesh turn opaque when you pan frying it. In addition, it is better to take the veins out since it is not too appealing to be consumed. And here are few ideas for shrimp recipes which you can try:
-          Shrimp fried rice for simple and easy recipe and you just need to use leftover rice.
-          Shrimp cocktail for those who like sweet flavor dishes with some spicy sauces.
-          Baked shrimp that can be cooked with pasta and tomatoes.
-          Grilled shrimp which can be cooked easily with grilled tools and some brush of teriyaki sauce.
-          Shrimp salad, an easy way to eat some healthy meal in the morning and you can add chopped red pepper, celery, and scallions.
Those are several ideas of frozen shrimp product recipes which you can try, search the recipes on internet and you will find hundreds of good recipes.

Learn Information about Shrimps Halal or Haram in Islam

If you want to know whether the shrimps halal or not, then you need to get more information about this matters more. In Islam there are many things that you cannot consume because it is not halal. So you should be very careful when you want to consume any type of food as you should know first that this food is indeed halal before you consume it. That is why, it is important for you to get all information about this shrimps product before you consume it. So let us discuss more about this problem here, by giving complete information that might give you more understanding about this matter.

Belives to know wether the shrimps halal or not
As Islam consist of different branch, then we cannot say whether the shrimps halal or not for everyone as it is all depends on the Islam branch that you follow. So for one Islam branch the shrimps might be halal, while for other Islam branch the shrimps might not be halal. But both are true as it is based on what they believe on. So before you decide whether this shrimps are indeed halal or not, then you should know which Islam branch that you follow. You might want to have some discussion with your local community leader if you do not know which Islam branch that you follow. Afterwards you can learn more about different believes on this shrimps and whether they are halal or not.
Actually in the Qur'an it is already mentioned before that any meat which originates from inside the water is actually lawful. Furthermore it does not say anything about the source of the meat and it does not say any type of fish that should be consider as halal or not. Thus by using this verse as the foundation of the thinking, then shrimps halal statement is considered to be true.
However some Islam branch, consider any type of fish which is a bottom feeder and that also includes these shrimps, is considered to have the same behavior as swine. As you know, that the pig is already considered as haram and there is even some special verses inside the Qur'an that says to forbid eating the pig. Because of this shrimps have similar behavior as the pig, and then some Islam branch also considers the shrimps along with other bottom feeder sea animal to be not halal.
But the discussion about whether the shrimps halal or not does not stop there. The reason is because there are also Islam branch that consider this thought about the shrimps is not halal to be a biddat, since they consider that this thought is not the right thing to do. Based on the previous verse in the Qur'an, which already permitted the consumption of any type of meat from the water, then the shrimps should be consider as halal.
Now when it comes to Islam branch, there are even more thoughts about whether the shrimps are halal or not, and now we will discuss about this further here. For the Shia Islam, they consider that all fish that has scales including shrimps halal, but other than that, it is not halal. But for Sunni Islam the consideration is different from every branch such as:
1.      Hanafi Islam branch consider that every fish to be halal but that excluding the squids.
2.      Shafi'I Islam branch has four different thinking such as:
-          First thinking is that they consider that every fish to be halal but that excluding the squids.
-          Every water animals is consider to be halal except for those that have terrestrial counterpart which considered as haram, then the water counterpart is also considered as haram.
-          Every water animal is considered to be halal except pinniped, turtle, frog, and crocodile.
-          Every water animal is considered to be halal except frog.
3.      Maliki Islam branch and Hanbali Islam branch consider that every water animal to be halal.
Based on those discussion, now you have to choose by yourself which one of them that is used by the Islam branch you follow. So to answer your question on whether the frozen shrimps halal or not, then the answer is based on your believe. But after you know the right believe to follow, then you would not have to worry anymore.

Best Shrimps Recipe That You Should Cook

You will need to have many shrimps recipe especially when you love to eat this meat as it is very delicious and tasty. Furthermore the shrimps meat is actually very versatile, thus you can use it in many kinds of dishes that you like. So you can have meal in any time of the day which uses shrimp as one of the main ingredient in the dish you cook. Then again, cooking shrimp is quite easy since this meat is very tender so you would not even need to cook it for too long. So the recipe that we have here is actually can be made in short time especially when you already skilled cook.
Learn to cook the best shrimps recipe
1.      Lemon shrimps pasta recipe
-          Linguine Pasta 8 ounce
-          Olive oil 2 tbsp
-          Butter 6 tbsp
-          Garlic 4 cloves, finely minced
-          Pepper flakes red 1 tsp
-          Shrimp jumbo size 1.25 pounds
-          Salt
-          Pepper
-          Italian seasoning 1 tsp
-          Baby spinach 4 cup
-          Parmesan cheese half cup
-          Parsley finely chopped, 2tbsp
-          Lemon juice 1 tbsp
Shrimps recipe cooking direction:
1.      Clean the shrimp, remove the shell and head from the shrimp then set it aside.
2.      Prepare other ingredient as we mention above.
3.      Take a large size cooking pot then boil some water inside. Use the boiling water to cook the pasta using the direction that you found on the packaging. Drain the water out then set it alone for a while.
4.      Take a pan, and then pour in the olive oil to heat it. Afterwards add only 2 tbsp from the butter to the pan.
5.      Next put inside the pan some of the ingredients such as garlic as well as pepper flakes then cook them until they become fragrant.
6.      Put inside the shrimp then season it using pepper with salt to make it more delicious. Make sure that the color turns into pinkish color after a while before adding the Italian seasoning to the mix.
7.      Add the spinach inside the pan then cook it until they are all wilted and tender.
8.      Put the pasta inside the pan, and then add the rest of the butter on top of the pasta along with parsley as well as the cheese. Stir them all to mix the butter with the pasta and let it all melt completely to season it.
9.      Pour the lemon juice then mix once before taking it off the heat.
10.  Serve well while it is still hot.
2.      Shrimp fried rice recipe
-          White rice, uncooked, 1.5 cup
-          Water 3 cup
-          Vegetable oil 4 tbsp
-          Bean sprout, fresh, 1 cup
-          Onion, finely chopped, 0.5 cup
-          Shrimp, medium size, 1.5 cup
-          Green onion, finely chopped, 0.25 cup
-          Eggs, 2 pcs
-          Salt 1 tsp
-          Black pepper 0.25 tsp
-          Soy sauce 4 tbsp
-          Sesame oil 0.25 tbsp
Shrimps recipe cooking direction:
1.      Clean the shrimp, deveined it, and peel the shell off. Take a pan then cook the shrimp using vegetable oil until it turns into pink color. Set it aside.
2.      Take a cup, and then use it to beat the eggs. Set it aside.
3.      Prepare the other ingredient as we mention above. Set them aside.
4.      Take a saucepan, pour in the water then let it boil. Pour in the white rice then stir it to cook. Reduce the heat then place the cover. Let it shimmer around 20 minute until it is completely done. Set it aside so it will cool down a little.
5.      Take a large size skillet, and then heat it up around 2 minutes. Pour in the vegetable oil, and then add the onion as well as bean sprout. Mix to cook it until 3 minute time.
6.      Add the rice that already cool down into the skillet, then put inside the shrimps. Stir to cook for around 3 minutes.
7.      Add the other ingredient, and then mix continuously so the egg will cook and mixed evenly.
8.      Serve while hot.
Those are the best of many shrimps recipe that you should try to make the next time you need to have a meal for party with friends or family.

Shrimps and Prawns Difference in Terms of Characteristics

Shrimps and prawns difference can be seen biologically so when people told you that there is no difference between shrimps and the prawns then they are totally wrong. It is not just about the taste, but their body structure and characteristic is different as well. People often mistake prawns as shrimps even after they are being served and consumed because really, sometime you cannot tell the different from their taste. So, what are the differences of shrimp versus prawns? Let’s learn about these species in deep understanding by reading our information below.

Are shrimps and prawns different one from another?
Brits and Aussies say prawn while Americans prefer to say shrimp, but are you sure that they are the same thing or there is any difference? Those who like to use both names maybe simply said to you that prawn is the bigger one and the smaller one is shrimp, but that’s how wrong people often mistakenly said because you can also find shrimp in big size and prawn is smaller size as well. It is as clearly as the day that shrimps and prawns are different species. Of course they are both scientifically classified as decapods crustaceans with external skeletons and ten legs. The suborders are different though:
-          Shrimp are the suborder of Infraorder Caridea and Pleocyemata
-          Prawns is the suborder of Dendrobrandchiata
Beside the different suborder, you can also tell the difference of shrimp vs. prawns by several factors such as:
1.      Their anatomies
First is the difference in the gills because while prawns have branching from, the shrimps have plate-like or lamellar gills. Moreover, prawns have three pairs of claw-like legs unlike shrimps which only have two pair of claw-like legs. Their front pinchers are usually the largest.
In addition, their body form is different as well if you want to pay attention carefully. Prawns have each segment overlaps the one behind thus the second segment overlaps the third one only. The case is different with the shrimp since the second segment overlaps the first and third segments. Their bending form is also different because prawns do not have distinct bend unlike the shrimp. And those are the shrimps and prawns difference in the terms of their body anatomies.
2.      Their live habitat
In relation with aquaculture and farming, prawns are strictly living in freshwater while shrimps are marine animals. This characteristic applied mostly for prawn and shrimp raised by farming method especially giant tiger prawn and white leg shrimp.
Those two points maybe can help you understand more about shrimps and prawns difference and although they are different, but both of them are interchangeable in the kitchen. Even shrimp species alone have different taste or flavor.
Now, how to choose shrimp and prawns?
Well, to make it simple, most of shrimp sold in the market are smaller than prawns so you can choose them based on the size. However, there are still a lot of thing which you need to consider when buying either shrimp or prawns such as:
-          Their smell should be fresh, if you smell something weird or off-putting like ammonia then avoid buying the seafood.
-          Their skins should not look too slimy and not easier to fall apart. They should not look so limp too.
-          If you see any visible black spot on their head and body, do not buy it because it is mean they are not in the best condition.
Most of shrimp and prawns sold in the supermarket sourced from the farm because it is difficult to get wild-caught shrimp or prawns unless you are living in coastal area. Always purchase living and fresh shrimp or prawns if you have some access, but if you not then purchase them in the frozen state is better than you buy the seafood labeled as fresh but in fact they are possible just previously thawed because you can’t tell it clearly.
As for the taste, it is hard to tell but you can cook both of the seafood in many ways such as frying, broiling, and grilling, etc. You can try different recipes to cook the shrimp product or prawns product and you can even change shrimp recipe with prawns and the other way. Hope this information will help you a lot regarding shrimp and prawns difference.

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