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What is E407 Carrageenan Made from and Other Information

You might want to know what is E407 carrageenan; as this item often used in many kinds of food that you eat every day. Since it is a common item, thus many food manufacturers are using it inside their food ingredient list. The reason is because using this item will really help them in creating the food product that they manufacture easier. However, as the consumers, you might not know the usage of this product inside the food that you consume. And when you really pay attention on the healthy aspect of the food that you consume, then you must want to know more about this substance.

What is E407 Carrageenan?
When you have question about what is E407 carrageenan, then you should know that this item is often used as food additive by food manufacturer. This carrageenan product itself is actually one kind of polysaccharides that often used in food. And as you already know this item already have E number which means it is permitted when used inside food item as additive by authorities in European Union.
So when answering your question about what is E407 carrageenan, then we must first discuss about the E number itself. Based on the numbering system, the E in this system is short term for Europe where this numbering system is used. Then since it is still in the 400 number ranges this means that the item in this number range is used for thickener, emulsifier, and stabilizer which consist of many kinds of compounds.
When you ask about what is E407 carrageenan then you should take it closer, since this carrageenan is in the 400 until 409 number sub ranges. This means that the item in this number range is considered as alginates, which is made from algae. This description is correct since the carrageenan itself is actually extracted from red seaweed which is a type of algae.
Now if you see it even closer, there is also a type of carrageenan with E407a code. Seeing from the numbering system composition, this carrageenan is still the same with the previous code. But the a code addition is used when the carrageenan is presented as a processed type from eucheuma subfamily of seaweed where there are still some cellulose left on the end items.
This eucheuma subfamily of seaweed is often found in Indonesia and Philippines. Furthermore the Philippines often farm a specific species on this seaweed subfamily which is the eucheuma cottonii species that is known locally as guso. Yes you are right; this seaweed is farm by the manufacturer since they need to have enough of this seaweed which will be used on the factory to be the raw material for their carrageenan product. And their product is the one that trigger your question about what is E407 carrageenan.
To farm the seaweed, then some kind of string made from nylon will be used to guide the seaweed growth. This nylon will be tie on a bamboo stick which floats on the surface of the sea. The seaweed will grow in around 2 meter in depth for around three months then it will have around 1 kg of weight so it is ready to be harvest.
After the harvest, then it will be dried so it is ready to be brought into the factory place. In the factory there are three first processes that are done to clean this seaweed which are grinding, sifting and washing process so there is no impurities left on the seaweed as it will be used to be raw material in carrageenan creation.
Then the second process is done to extract the carrageenan from inside the seaweed by doing soaking process using alkali solution and heating this solution so the carrageenan will comes out even though it will be accompanied with cellulose. That is why the third process is done to remove the cellulose from inside the product which is by using mechanical procedure. Then the last process is to make the end product which is by evaporation the leftover liquid then grinding the result to be finer powder.
We hope that those explanations really answer your question about what is E407carrageenan so now you will be more informed and knows about this food additive.

Seaweed Brown Seaweed Consumption Worldwide

Seaweed brown seaweed is just another type of seaweed aside green and red seaweeds that you mostly see sold in the market. In many Asian countries, seaweed has been used for centuries either as food source, traditional herbs, flavorful addition, and many more. Seaweed is packed with a lot of nutrition like minerals, vitamins, and protein which have important roles for our body function and support the system while make it healthier. There are many types of brown seaweeds available with hundreds species and many of them are edible to be consumed. More information regarding brown seaweed is below. 

Consumption of seaweed brown seaweed frequently
Seaweed brown seaweed habitat is mostly in cold water and can be found in Northern Hemisphere and the seaweeds form a large algae group. Some form of brown seaweed such as kelp is used as traditional food source for Asian countries and it can also being used as supplement. Nowadays, eating brown seaweed is not only a tradition for Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, or China, but seaweeds getting more popular in western countries like United States. Brown seaweeds have distributed to various countries all around the world in many forms and used for many things.
Seaweed brown seaweed nutritional values
The seaweed brown is not only low in calories and fats, but it also good to be eaten as a part of weight loss diet because it provides enough level of fiber and protein. Nutritional values such as minerals and vitamins have proven to be good properties for our body function and system.
Seaweed is high in iodine and thus eating the sea vegetable supporting thyroid system to work properly and effectively. Although the consumption of this seaweed brown need to be limited because too much or over eating of iodine will give a bad effect to your body. Moreover, seaweed brown can be eaten to enhance immune system thanks to the vitamin C properties and antioxidant that fight against free radicals effect. There are still so many good nutrient contents inside the seaweed such as: calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, iron, potassium, vitamin E, vitamin B, sodium, and many more.
Weight management with seaweed brown seaweed
It is really recommended to take brown seaweed as part of your weight loss diet especially for those who suffer from obese or have overweight body. In addition, it can also being used to manage ideal weight and some studies found that fucoxanthin in the brown seaweed has weight loss beneficial and the researchers mentioned about this amazing properties being potential as a natural weight management supplement.
Besides the healthy benefit of seaweed brown seaweed to support weight loss, there are still so many advantages of consuming the sea plant like:
-          Vitamin A to enhance eyes vision and maintain healthy eyes.
-          Vitamin C to enhance immune system so your body can fight against risk of certain illnesses.
-          Antioxidant to fight against free radicals while prevent cancers and it also good for healthy skin.
-          Iodine to support thyroid function so it can work properly and prevent thyroid diseases.
-          Fiber to improve digestive system and to support abdominal move.
-          Iron to improve and support red blood cell production.
-          Both calcium and magnesium to improve strong bones and teeth, etc.
There are still so many things which can be gained from seaweed brown seaweed healthy benefits and nutritional values. Brown seaweed rich in B vitamins contain folate that give our body a lot of energy and seaweed also good for pregnant women.
Seaweed brown seaweed products
If you have an access to get fresh and wild brown seaweed then it is recommended to take that instead of seaweed harvested from seaweed farms. However, it is almost impossible since more than 50 percents of seaweed sold worldwide sourced from seaweed farming including brown seaweed.
Seaweed is a super food with lot of high nutrition contents and you can incorporate seaweed brown seaweed into your diet by adding them into your soups, salads, as well as other dishes. If you want to add brown seaweed supplements as part of your regular diet then you should ask the doctor first to ensure that your condition is okay to eat seaweed supplement. Hope this information help you understand more about seaweed products.

Indonesia Catfish Supplier Giving Product for Food Truck Menu

If you have a food truck business, then you might want to be in touch with Indonesia catfish supplier to give you some of their product. Food truck business is on the raise right now, especially since there are many areas which the business can cover. Thus more people are able to go and get their food in the truck since the truck is always there every day. But if your food truck always go to the same location every day, then you might want to add more menu variation for you to sell. The reason is because people who visit your food truck every day will feel bored if they always get the same menu without much variation to choose from.

Food Truck Menu Using Product from Indonesia Catfish Supplier
If you looking for an ingredient that you can use to make more menu variation for your food truck then you might want to consider using catfish as the ingredient. The catfish is actually very delicious food fish thus many people will love to have this catfish as the ingredient in your food truck menu. This is why; you might want to consider creating several dishes which you can make using catfish as the ingredient.
Of course, you should also remember to get the catfish product to be use as the ingredient. And the Indonesia catfish supplier is the one that can help to provide the ingredient that you need for your food truck business. But remember that you must try to make sure that the product that the supplier gives to you also have high quality since the quality of the dish you will create with it will depends with the quality of the ingredient itself. This is why you should try to learn how the supplier creates their product to know the quality of the product itself.
Supplier that really cares about the quality of the product that they create will also care about the procedure done to create that product. The reason is because by doing great procedure, then they will be able to create high quality product.  This is the reason why Indonesia catfish supplier does not purchase the catfish which they use as raw material of the product they will create. Instead they will grow their own catfish in the freshwater farm that they owned. They will even use high quality breeding fish to lay the catfish eggs which they will grow in that farm.
This shows that the supplier really cares about the quality of the product, especially since they will grow the fish from the eggs that they take from that breeding fish. They will store the eggs in special place which used to hatch the eggs. Then from inside the eggs there will be sac fry comes out which will be grow in this place for a while until it turn into fingerling. The fingerling itself is already stronger, thus it can be move again to other place which used to grow the fish until it become catfish and can be use to create product by Indonesia catfish supplier.
The second place which used to grow the fingerling until it become catfish is larger than the first place. The reason is because the catfish itself can go very big which is around seven inches in size for each catfish. Since there are many fingerlings inside the place surely the place should be bigger. But actually it will need to wait until around two more years until the catfish has enough weight to be harvest and use to make product by Indonesia catfish supplier.
After two years and the catfish is harvest, then it will be clean before used as raw material. Then the cleaned meat will be cut as the product specification that you order from them. You can order the product with any specification that you think more suitable for your food truck menu. Thus they will create the product with the specification that you want. Then they will pack each product to keep it sanitary then freeze it to maintain the quality of the fish meat. Now they are ready to send the product to you. As you can see, the Indonesia catfish supplier really cares a lot about their product, so you can use it without worry.

Using Frozen Tuna Indonesia Product for Food Truck Business

If you have a food truck business, you might want to use frozen tuna Indonesia product as one of your ingredient to make dishes in the menu. Tuna itself is considered as a nutritious sea food, thus many people love to eat dishes that uses tuna as the ingredient. Furthermore, tuna is also considered to be quite affordable, thus you can create the food truck menu in affordable prices that everyone can purchase. Surely when many people loves tuna food product, then they will also love your food truck menus. Do not forget that even big restaurant have tuna dishes in their menu, thus it can really be the menu that will make everyone choose to get meals at your food truck.

Information for Food Truck Business about Frozen Tuna Indonesia
However, before using the tuna inside one of your menu’s ingredient, you might want to know more information about this product. That is why you can try to learn more about tuna product that is created by factories in Indonesia. That way, you will know how the Indonesian factory makes the product before being delivered into your food truck business. Now let us see how the factory in Indonesia creates the frozen tuna Indonesia product for you.
First of all, you should know that Indonesia have very large sea region, thus there are many areas on which the tuna fish is live. On those areas, the Indonesian fishermen will catch the tuna fish for Indonesian factories to be process further. Of course, the fresh tuna fish that the Indonesian fishermen catch will be the best ingredient to be use for your food truck business. However since you are in very far location from the fishermen, it would not be possible to get the tuna fish still in fresh condition without getting them to be spoiled when arrived. Thus frozen tuna Indonesia product, would be your best possible product to be use for your food truck menus.
When the fishermen catch the tuna fish, it will be chilled first to sustain the long journey from the sea to the shore where the factory is located. After it is arrived in the factory, then the tuna fish will be taken to the cleaning processing line. In this line all of its skin, bones, and bloodline will be taken out and cleaned from the meat. This will leave only fresh, clean and raw tuna meat to be process further.
The next process would be inside the cutting processing line where the raw tuna meat will be cut into several shapes that are actually very common in the tuna industry. Those shapes are tuna saku, tuna block, tuna loin, tuna cube, ground tuna, and many others. Those are the shapes that you will get when ordering the frozen tuna Indonesia product. Next thing that they will do is to enter those tuna products into the next production line based on the end product that they want to make. There are two types of end products that they usually create which is frozen tuna CO treated product and frozen pre cooked tuna product. Those two products must going through a different line first before being packed and frozen in the same line.
For the frozen tuna CO treated product, the tuna meat will be CO treated in steam processing line. This treatment will make the product maintain its red color so it will always appear fresh even after quite some times has pass. For the frozen pre cooked product, the tuna meat will be taken inside the pre cooker machine. This machine will cook the product on the factory to make the end product for frozen tuna Indonesia factory.
Lastly, those two products are entered into the wrapping processing line where they will be wrapped using vacuumed wrapper. Lastly they will be frozen product using ultra cold temperature to keep the condition of the product to be preserved for a long time. Now the product is ready to be taken from Indonesia into your food truck business that might be located all over the world. Those are the things needed to create frozen tuna Indonesia product that you will use as one of the ingredient on your food truck business menu. All you need to do is to choose which products to use.

Frozen Sardine HGT Product Availability

Frozen sardine HGT means that the sardine fish is presented without the head, already gutted, and the tail is off. HGT is a term in fishing industry and refers to headed, gutted, and tail-off product. They are usually distributed in the market as frozen fish. Such fish averagely purchased and used for business requirement such as restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, grocery stores, and many more. So, most of suppliers like to offer the HGT fish per ton which can be purchased in a bulk with cheaper prices than you buy small amount of hgt sardine fish. Let’s find out some important information regarding this fish product.
Frozen sardine HGT availability
Sardine is the name for several species of oily fish belongs to herring family and this mean that not all species available every year. If you purchase frozen sardine hgt product then it is mean that you should pay attention to the season when specific sardine available abundantly. When sardine fish were harvested, they will be shipped to factory plants or facilities, but before that the fish will be frozen immediately on the board to maintain its freshness and when they arrive in the plant, they will be inspected first.
Fish frozen sardine hgt process including transportation, beheading and tail cutting, vacuum equipment for gutting especially used for this hgt product and then the fish will be frozen once again before they are packaged and then distributed to various places. The frozen process will ensure that the sardine fish is still in good condition despite being hours out of the ocean. When the fish is gutted, the factory will use vacuum machine so the cleaning process of fish internal organ can be conducted easily and totally clean. This is the most effective and efficient than clean the fish guts using manual process.
Actually aside frozen sardine hgt factory product, there are still lot of fishing products available including:
-          H&G: This is means that the sardine fish is headed and gutted with vacuum machine while the tails still attached. You can buy frozen H&G just like HGT fish.
-          Steak cutter: This is means that after the sardine fish is being headed gutted, and the tail is removed, the fish is cut into two pieces with steak cutter. However, you can also option for the tail still on.
-          Piece cutter: This is means that after the sardine fish is being headed gutted, and the tail is removed, the fish is cut into several pieces using piece cutter.
-          Deli cut: This is means that the sardine fish is headed while the tail can be removed or not. After that the sardine belly will be cut using vertical rotating knife to remove the fish guts mechanically.
-          Butterfly fillets: This is means that the sardine fish is headed while the tail can be removed or not. After that the sardine belly will be cut using vertical rotating knife to remove the guts and the bones mechanically.
-          Deboning: This is means that the sardine fish is headed while the tail can be removed or not. After that the sardine belly will be cut using vertical rotating knife to remove the guts and the bones mechanically plus the dorsal fin is removed.
Knowing various products of frozen sardine fish aside frozen sardine hgt is important since you can have other options when you want to purchase sardine fish. If you want to buy tons of hgt sardine fish then you should find trusted supplier that can offer you high quality of sardine fish with proper process to remove the head, guts, and tails. However, if you only want to buy one whole round of sardine fish without its head, guts, and tail but you do not know how to clean and prepare the fish then you can ask the fishmonger to done that for you.
This is it is very important to search for some reputable sardine suppliers and fishmonger who can offer you with best frozen sardine hgt. When there are no sardine suppliers near your location, you can also try to buy sardine hgt via online shop; there is lots of big websites offer information about sardine suppliers who offer hgt fish products including sardines. Just make sure that you conduct some research to find trusted supplier.

Frozen Pacific Mackerel Fish Thawing Process

Frozen pacific mackerel fish is actually a fresh fish caught from the ocean that has been frozen with proper manner to make the fish stay longer and prevent the spoilage. When choosing the frozen fish, you should pick carefully from the appearance, texture, and the smell. Nutritional value comparison is needed to be compared as well along with the sustainably fishing method. And right after you find and buy a good frozen mackerel, before using you need to thaw the frozen product fish in order to prevent the fish meat contaminated with bacteria. Thawing process will also maintain the fish in right texture plus in good flavor. Here’s the guide to thaw frozen fish which you can follow.

Ways to thaw frozen Pacific mackerel fish
The easiest method to thaw frozen Pacific mackerel fish is by store it in the freezer overnight before you using it. If you want to cook the fish right away after you buy it then you can simply thaw it with cold water in a pot. And if you do not have much time for thawing process, you can just cook the fish without thawing it first.
Here are some methods to thaw the frozen mackerel fish:
1.      You should buy the frozen mackerel fish in a good condition and it is better if you can find the one that have been keep in sealed container. Do not purchase the fish if the package is damaged or crushed and torn. That’s why when buying the fish; you need to take a look closely. Please considerate these points when buy Frozen Pacific mackerel fish product:
-          Buying frozen mackerel that are properly frozen and not partially thawed. At store, the fish usually being stored in the freezer container below the thaw line.
-          Avoid buying frozen mackerel that have freezer burn or ice crystal inside the package and covering the fish since it means the fish has been in the storage for long time and they are not in the best condition to be eaten.
2.      Store your best frozen Pacific mackerel fish in the refrigerator overnight to thaw it completely. If you want to use the fish the next day after buying then put the mackerel in the refrigerator to defrost it. This method will keep the fish cool while also allowing it to thaw gradually. By thawing the mackerel in refrigerator, it will preserve its texture and taste. However, thawing the fish inside the refrigerator may took time or at least hours, so if you do not have too much time then you can use different method. Moreover, never place the fish on the counter because it will make the outer part to go bad before the inside portion is completely defrosted.
3.      Before cooking the fish, check again the thawed fish. The fish that has been completely defrosted should have texture and taste just like fresh mackerel. It might not be completely like fresh fish with the bright and clear color but at least the fish did not mottled or discolored. You need to smell the fish to check whether it is already decayed and if the smell is too fishy then it means they are no longer good to be used. Thawed mackerel may have a bit fishy smell; however they are not supposed to be off putting.
4.      Finally you can cook the mackerel according to your taste. You can make delicious and healthy recipes from mackerel as the ingredient. Thawed mackerel can be used to replace fresh mackerel in recipes since fresh fish comes seasonal and it is hard to get. The mackerel that are cooked enough should have firm and flaky flesh.
If you want to skip the thawing and use the frozen Pacific mackerel fish brand right away from the freezer then this is how you can do it:
-          Take out the fish from freezer and remove the mackerel from the package
-          Rinse the fish under cold water to remove the ice or the frost
-          Use clean paper towel to dry the mackerel by patting them
-          Prepare the fish, you can add seasonings or marinade and then cook the mackerel according to your favorite recipes
Done and finally you can enjoy eating your cooked frozen Pacific mackerel fish and get beneficial nutrition intake.

Simple Rules Finding Frozen Milkfish Importers

Frozen milkfish importers sold different quality of products and this is why you cannot simply buying milk fish product from random vendors. There certain things you need to understand when looking for fish suppliers. Milkfish which is known as bangus or bandeng is one of the top seafood products in both Indonesia and Philippines. Maybe you interested to buy from those suppliers that have limitless access for certain quality of milkfish. If that’s the case then you should learn these simple rules finding frozen milk fish importers before you make a deal with them.

Looking for frozen milkfish importers are quite challenging
First of all, importing a product is not an easy job, let alone ordering seafood products from outside of your country. There are several things you should learn and prepare when try finding good frozen milkfish importers. Usually people who order imported products because the products are not available in their country or they simply just try to find better goods than products that locally available. However, before you make bulk order with certain suppliers or vendors, you should think about these rules:
1.      Are you legally able to import milkfish products?
Before you wasting time doing some research to find good suppliers, you should make sure for the first that you have an access and allowed to import products or in this case is milkfish. There are number of restrictions occurred when you want to import some products especially when you want to buy specific good. You need to find out that you are able to import milkfish legally before doing further.
2.      Calculate the cost to import frozen milkfish
You need to calculate all the costs and charges to import product from frozen milkfish importers. The costs to buy frozen milkfish that you need to spend is not only just the fish price, but also several other costs including the transport and insurance cost, storage, taxes, and many more. You should calculate the correct amount of all these cost carefully.
3.      Is importing milkfish is actually cost effective?
When you want to import something or anything, you need to find out whether all those efforts are cost effective for your business. Usually people who import fish or seafood products need that items for their business and thus you need to make sure that your business still gain some profits even after spending money to buy frozen milkfish. Of course you will want to be able to make reasonable return from your imported products, right.
4.      Ask the payment terms and conditions
This is important because you need to tell yourself whether you can afford to import or not. Become frozen milkfish importers, you should consider about the payment terms and conditions. Some exporters will ask you to pay in advance while others offer letter of credit terms and conditions, etc. If you can afford for certain payment methods and conditions then you can consider ordering imported products. However, if you cannot afford to import or you cannot get the money or use it to run your business the same time you placing your order and paying for it then it is better to find other alternative because we know that you need money to run your business.
5.      Exchange rate fluctuations
One potential risk when dealing with exporting and importing products is that there is exchange rate fluctuations. Frozen milkfish importers sometime need to buy some products in foreign currency which meant that the exchange rate fluctuations will affect the prices and the costs when you buy frozen fish. Few solutions to deal with such risk is that you can transfer the risk to the exporters by asking them to quote in your country currency or buy forward cover in order to protect you from exchange rate fluctuations.
6.      Find trustworthy frozen milkfish suppliers
When dealing with frozen milkfish fillet importers and exporters, you need to look for suppliers or vendors that reputable, dependable, and trustworthy. Dealing with overseas suppliers are not easy thing because they have different terms, conditions, cultures, languages, and set of values from yours. Some misunderstanding possible to occur and this is why you need to be careful when making the next step. You should be able to find suppliers that can deliver you high quality products and services.

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