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Indonesian Frozen Shrimp Manufacturers Important Information

Indonesian frozen shrimp manufacturers are one of the largest shrimp suppliers in the world that distribute and export their seafood products to various countries such as America and other Asian countries. Indonesia sourced their shrimp from both wild caught and shrimp farms and they are ready to supply tons of shrimp each year. You can order for fresh and frozen shrimp or raw and cooked frozen shrimp. If you want to have trusted suppliers which can ship you good stock of shrimp for your business then you can start to order from Indonesia shrimp suppliers or manufacturers.
Indonesian Frozen Shrimp Manufacturers
When you want to find Indonesian frozen shrimp manufacturers, it is better that you contact them directly so you can ask them any information that you want to know. Here are few questions that might be pop out from your head when you want to purchase frozen shrimp:
1.      Why go frozen?
Well, first of all most of us likely encounter frozen shrimp instead of the fresh one unless you live near coastal area or you have an access for raw, alive, and fresh shrimp. Most of the shrimp sold in large grocery stores and supermarket are frozen earlier before being delivered to keep their freshness so for your information, the shrimp that labeled as ‘fresh’ and displayed on the store’s seafood shelf is actually a frozen shrimp that defrosted and then sold as fresh shrimp. No one knows when the shrimp is caught because they can be three to four days frozen immediately on board after caught. So, the conclusion is the fresh shrimp that you see on the grocery stores are actually frozen shrimp and thus why not go with frozen shrimp instead? You can use them anytime and if you store them properly in freezer at airtight packages, they can last for months.
2.      Wild caught or farmed shrimp?
Indonesian frozen shrimp manufacturers are export their wild caught and farmed shrimp to various countries. Usually the countries that sell frozen shrimp products after being processed will tell you not only the shrimp’s origin but also whether they are harvested wild or farmed. If you can find wild shrimp product then it is better to choose frozen wild shrimp instead of farmed shrimp because sometime farmed shrimp has contamination issues. However, if the producers or suppliers can ensure you the safety of their farmed shrimp especially if they are free from bacteria, diseases, and other chemical matters then it is fine to purchase frozen farmed shrimp.
3.      The species of the shrimp?
Shrimp is available with many species, but there are two species that sold the most which are the black tiger shrimp or giant shrimp and white shrimp. You can order those shrimp from Indonesian frozen shrimp manufacturers and they will deliver and ship right to your door. Indonesian farmers like to cultivate their shrimps in huge ponds or tanks, so before you order from them, you can ask them precisely about how they manage their shrimp farms and whether it is sustainable as well as ask them to ensure you the safety and the hygienist of the shrimp.
Now, let’s check what you need to consider when you want to purchase frozen shrimp from Indonesian frozen shrimp manufacturers as follow:
-          Of course you may need to ask about the price first, especially when you intent to bulk order then it is okay to ask for some special discount. Usually large manufacturers will give you cheaper price when you willing to buy bulk and the larger your order the cheaper the price will be.
-          Ask for the shipping cost because it tends to add more cost to the final price and if you want the manufacturer deliver you within overnight then the cost will go higher even more.
-          Ask about where they sourced their shrimp and how they will manage to store and deliver the shrimp to you. You can ask about the freezing process when they deliver it to you to make sure that they can still be kept fresh even after arrive in front of your door.
Do not forget to ask for any terms and conditions when you decide to import the shrimp and especially important rules and documents to ensure your country and area allowing for such imported seafood product from Indonesian frozen shrimp manufacturers.

Understand Frozen Shrimp Factory Processing Step by Step

Frozen shrimp factory processing is actually simple and you may want to know a bit how the manufacturers process their seafood product before being sold and distributed worldwide. Shrimp is an important commodity in the international market because many people love to have shrimp. It is one of the most famous sea foods consumed by people all around the world along with other fish like tuna, salmon, and many more. They are sold in both fresh and frozen condition peeled or unpeeled, head and tail off or on, and raw or cooked condition.

Why freeze the shrimp?
The shrimp needs to be frozen to maintain their freshness and with proper freezing at the right temperature setting plus good storage, the shrimp can last for even months. It is to prevent the shrimp contaminated by bacteria as well that tend to make the shrimp rotten before being used. Wild caught shrimp, for example, they are immediately frozen on board before being delivered to the facilities so they can arrive safely in good condition ready for the next manufacturing process.
Homeowners who buy frozen shrimp can use the leftover for later and they can keep the shrimp in the freezer inside airtight plastic bag. The shrimp can last for 6 months when stored at -30 degrees Celsius and less than that when stored at -20 degrees Celsius (2 to 3 months) or -10 degrees Celsius (1 month).
About frozen shrimp factory process
Below information is just a quick information or description about frozen shrimp factory process and although not all manufacturers processing their shrimp with similar ways, but it can still help you to understand more about frozen shrimp in a brief.
1.      When the shrimp is caught wildly in the ocean, they will get freeze quickly on board to keep the freshness. And when the boat tied up at the factory dock and arrive safely, they will use huge vacuum to suck the frozen shrimp out of their large tanks.
2.      They will be placed to the conveyor belt for the next processing after thawed. The belt is leading to the factory and their staff will stood in a long row in either side of the belt to sort the shrimp manually according to their grade.
3.      They will be sorted depending on their sizes and grade, after that some of the staff will ripped the shrimp head off and then place the carcasses in some huge specific box. As for your information, the shrimp species are vary; there are tiger shrimp which is one of the most popular shrimp species that have larger size than other shrimp species. Not to mention, tiger shrimp is more expensive too. In addition, some of the shrimp still packaged with the head on, usually they are distributed for export commodity to other countries in frozen raw state for further processing.
4.      As for the cooked frozen shrimp factory processing, when the frozen shrimp entering the factory, they will be immediately defrost. Next, the shrimp will be peeled off and cooked at the right temperature. The cooked shrimp get salted, cooled, and then frozen individually using flow freezer. The frozen shrimp will be glazed in a thin of ice layer and packed for distribution.
Handling frozen shrimp before cooking
Before cooking the frozen shrimp, you need to thaw or defrost the shrimp first. You can store the shrimp overnight inside refrigerator so they can thawed properly and slowly ready to be used in the next morning. However, you can also cook the shrimp straight out of the freezer. This is an easier and simpler method to be used and followed.
To thaw the frozen shrimp factory product with only few minutes, you can take out the shrimp out of the package. After that, place them in a bowl full of cold water and soak them for few minutes or at least 10 minutes. You can place the shrimp on the strainer so it will be easier to take out them later. Next, take out the shrimp from the water and replace the water with new cold water and repeat the process for 10 to 20 minutes. After the shrimp thawed completely, you are ready to use them for shrimp recipes.
Hope information above help you to understand more about frozen shrimp factory and how to handle them properly after buying.

Frozen Shrimp Prawn Manufacturers Buying Guides

Frozen shrimp prawn manufacturers processing and then distributing their products all over the world. They also willing to deliver the shrimp and prawn as frozen seafood with the tail off and on, head off and on, peeled or unpeeled, you can even order for the one that still raw or already cooked. The manufacturers will freeze the seafood to keep its freshness and to prevent bacteria which can cause the shrimp and prawn to rot. Here are some simple tips which you can follow when you want to buy either shrimp or prawn from trusted shrimp manufacturers or suppliers.

Buying from frozen shrimp prawn manufacturers
There are many shrimp and prawn species available at trade or market and although both of them look similar in appearance and often mistakenly as the same things, but in fact they are biologically different and belongs to different suborder of Decapoda as well. Prawn usually has larger size than shrimp and their body shape and gills are different too. However, for cooking they can be used interchangeably and many people even cannot tell the difference of their taste or flavor. Both shrimp and prawn can be cooked in various ways like grilling, broiling, pan frying, and so on.
When it comes to buy either frozen shrimp or prawn, you should understand that there are several things which need to be considered. As for your information, when you find fresh versus frozen seafood in the grocery markets, it is always better to go frozen first. Why is that so? It is because the fresh shrimp or prawn that displayed on the self is actually frozen or at least previously frozen. All of the seafood sold in the stores or supermarket and labeled as ‘fresh’ sometime is not the freshest, the suppliers will bring to them in frozen state to keep its freshness and in the end they will thaw them properly before being sold. It is mean that frozen shrimp and prawn are as good as the fresh one and even better.
The frozen shrimp prawn manufacturers usually freezing and processing the shrimp and prawn in their facilities to ensure the hygienic and thus the factory needs to be close with the coastal area. However, sometime the shrimp and prawn will be frozen on the board after caught. Aside wild caught shrimp or prawn, manufacturers also tend to raise them in huge tanks or ponds in order to meet with high market demand. It will be smart if you ask the sellers when they sourced their seafood because wild caught seafood is always better than farmed seafood since the later have possible risk of chemical toxic from antibiotic feeding and such. However, not all farmed shrimp and prawn are bad in quality as long as the frozen shrimp and prawn manufacturers ensure the safety, hygienic, and quality of their products.
Here are few things you should consider when buying seafood from frozen shrimp and prawn manufacturers:
-          Frozen shrimp and prawn usually packaged in airtight bags to maintain their freshness and therefore you need to check the packaging and ensure that there is no torn or damages.
-          Ask the seller when they get the frozen shrimp and prawn so you can get the freshest product. Do not forget to check the sustainability as well.
-          Do not purchase the shrimp and prawn if they already look expired and dull. Touch them if allowed so you can make sure that their condition is still good and the flesh still firm.
-          Frozen shrimp and prawn are also sometime displayed with icy shells that can add weight. Therefore, skip the weighing and just count the number of the shrimp or prawn when you want to buy for some recipe. It is because their weight will be decreased once the ice is melt.
-          Note their labels since the sellers sometime will label them as small, medium, and large. The shrimp for example, are labeled according to their sizes like less than 10 as colossal while 36 to 45 considered as small. You should understand this rule of thumb.
After you purchase them from frozen shrimp and prawn manufacturers, you need to thaw them properly before used. Raw frozen shrimp or prawn can last for several months in the freezer while frozen cooked need to be consumed as quickly as possible or at least within 2 months.

Total Shrimp Production by Country in the World

It is important to understand more about shrimp production by country because as a part of aquaculture product, shrimp is one of the most valuable traded objects in the world today. Even in the year of 2005, farmed shrimp reaches 10.6 billion in the global industry. And nowadays, the production is still growing larger and annually rate around 10 percent proof that the shrimp is highest growth rates in aquaculture product compared than others. Let’s learn about which countries produce the most shrimp for export import market in the world.

Farmed shrimp production by country in the world
Farmed shrimp mostly produced in tropical climate and it needs few months (around 3 to 6 months precisely) to raise ready-to-be marketed shrimp. Although, farmed shrimp is always associated with environment destruction but with today’s technologies the world is working to improve shrimp production so it can be more environmentally friendly.
Most shrimp production by country carries out by China followed by other Asian countries including Thailand, Indonesia, India, Brazil, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Ecuador. Generally speaking, the shrimp export import activities provide essential income for these developing countries and the farming method gives easier access for shrimp loving countries such as United States, Japan, Europe, as well as other countries globally.
As of 2016, it has been reported that India still in the top number one country to produce shrimps for global market followed by Thailand as the second largest exporter. In 2016, production of the shrimp in Thailand increased around 15 percent from 260,000 in 2015 to 300,000 metric tons last year while production in India only increased about 5 percent to 400,000 metric tons. Unfortunately, if we want to compare 2016 to 2015 worldwide shrimp production, the amount was down by 1 percent.
China remains to produce the most; however their products are mostly for domestic consumption. And it was reported that the bamboo country experienced less production by 8 percent from 2015. Meanwhile, both Vietnam and Indonesia shrimp production by country increased to 5 percent and 23 percent. Vietnam shrimp production was reported to increase to 220,000 metric tons and Indonesia to 270,000 metric tons. In addition, other shrimp production by country outside Asia such as Latin America countries decreased by 3 percent to 525,000 metric tons. As of this year, it is expected that the total global shrimp production won’t change because some of countries reported still struggling with shrimp disease.
Potential shrimp exported market are United States, Australia, and Japan. China, Taiwan, and Korea are other potential countries in shrimp export import activities. Indonesia suppliers for the shrimp have increased along with Thailand and India as the top sources of farmed shrimp. And if we are going to give conclusion which countries are high in production then we can take some look in the notes above.
Farmed shrimp species
There are many species of shrimp which farmed, raised, produced, and sold worldwide. However, not all species are farmed because some of them unsuitable to be sold due to the small size and they are not profitable. The two species dominating shrimp production by country are:
-          Pacific white shrimp; it is one type of shrimp that mainly harvested in western countries. They can be found in Pacific coast from Mexico to Peru and can grow up to 23 cm in size.
-          Black tiger shrimp; it is one type of shrimp which mostly farmed in Asian countries. And it is the largest cultivated shrimp since it can grow up to 36 cm in size. This species native both in Indian and Pacific Oceans.
The two species above accounted for about 80 percents for overall shrimp production by country. However, there are also other shrimp species being bred such as: Kuruma shrimp farmed mostly in Japan and Taiwan, Indian white shrimp, and Banana shrimp which can be found in Indonesia and Australia.
Knowing about shrimp production in every country will help you to find the right shrimp suppliers when you want to import some shrimp species. You can tell which country can give the best product in available quantities and whether they can give easy access for you to import some of their product. More information regarding shrimp production around the world soon will be updated thus you can stay updating this website.

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