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Frozen Shrimp Suppliers How to Choose Tips

Finding frozen shrimp suppliers are quite challenging because you need to compare from one supplier to another just to make sure that they can deliver you the best product. Shrimp is the most popular marine commodity in international seafood trade. They are distributed and sold widely in various countries and sourced from either wild caught or shrimp farms. Many people love to eat shrimp as cold appetizer or grilled on the barbeque. However, not all shrimp have equal qualities and therefore you should understand how to choose the best shrimp from its suppliers. More information regarding choosing shrimp suppliers are below.

How to choose frozen shrimp suppliers?
Shrimp becomes one of the most inexpensive sea foods with delicate taste and can be processed into various dishes. If you have restaurant business and it serve shrimp menu then finding the right frozen shrimp suppliers is a must. But, the first question is why frozen shrimp?
It is because frozen shrimp has longer live than fresh shrimp and if your restaurant do not use all of the shrimp stock right after caught then in the end you should store them quickly by freezing the shrimp to keep their freshness. Most of restaurants order frozen shrimp because it is difficult to find an access for fresh and raw shrimp especially if the location is far from the coastal area.
When you order from frozen shrimp suppliers, they will deliver the shrimp in the frozen state and if you want to have the freshest shrimp then you may ask for overnight shipping, although it requires more cost. The shrimp will be stored in the proper temperature to prevent bacterial that can cause rotten state. Sometimes the shrimp is directly frozen right on board before being distributed to various places and thanks for today’s technologies; it is possible to freeze the shrimp right after caught.
There are many types of shrimp which sold and offered by frozen shrimp suppliers like cold water shrimp, tiger shrimp, and white shrimp. If you want to find the best quality of shrimp species then you can depend on various suppliers. Asian countries are the largest shrimp suppliers which you can found like Thailand, Indonesia, China, and so on. They sourced their shrimp either from wild caught or shrimp farms. With today’s market demand, most of the shrimp sold in market and exported to many countries are harvested from shrimp farms. And it is okay to purchase shrimp caught from the farms as long as the suppliers can ensure the safety, hygienist, and quality of their products.
Some consideration when you want to order shrimp from frozen shrimp suppliers are:
1.      Raw or cooked, tail off or on, and peeled or unpeeled
So shrimp suppliers will offer you various states of their shrimp products such as raw or cooked shrimp with tail off or on and peeled or unpeeled. Which one is best to choose? Actually it is all depend on the preference and intended use. For example, if you intend to use the shrimp for barbequing then you need to find large unpeeled shrimp because the size and shell will protect it against drying. As for the tail, some people are maybe uncomfortable to eat the shrimp with the tail still on, however it also easier to hold the shrimp when the tail still attached so the choice is yours.
2.      Sustainable method
We do not know whether you really care about the environment, but sometimes it is okay to ask how the shrimp are caught and whether they are harvested with sustainable methods as well as whether they are cultivated with eco friendly ways. It is important because some aquaculture method like shrimp farms often caused many pollution in its process.
3.      Prices, discount, and shipping process
When you finally find trusted frozen shrimp suppliers, you can ask for discount price especially if you are going to order in large amount. Do not forget to ask for the shipping cost particularly when you ask for overnight shipping because it will cost you more than regular shipping.
That’s several considerations which you can follow when you try to look for dependable frozen shrimp suppliers factory. Just make sure that your country allows imported seafood product from certain countries.

Frozen Shrimp Export Import Buying Guides

Importing frozen shrimp export is one job that you may need when you do some business. Of course you can buy the shrimp from local fisheries or fishmonger and get you the freshest shrimp, but they can cost higher than you buying frozen shrimp online. Importing seafood to get cheaper price has been done by many people, but to done such task, it is a bit complicated at first but it will be worth it especially if you want to get high quality shrimp in cheap price.
The first thing you should do is to get a permit. People who want to import any seafood need to have permit and you should apply for this permission by pay for some cost. Once you get the permit, you can import seafood legally. However, getting permission is just a tiny job that you should do since there are a lot of thing that you need to consider when buying frozen shrimp export products.

Frozen shrimp export buying guides
This is frozen shrimp export buying guides which you can follow when you want to import seafood product from other countries. Here are several some of important notes that you need to pay attention as follow:
1.      Buying from Asian countries shrimp suppliers
Buying Asian countries shrimp suppliers are the first best recommendation because most of Asian seafood suppliers can offer you lower price than other countries. Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand, China, etc. are just few large shrimp suppliers which you can order from. There are willing to ship to you tons of different shrimp species in cheap price and most of local and major grocery stores that you always went to find shrimp or other seafood, they might be also order from such suppliers so why not get the first hand to buy the shrimp.
The problem when buying frozen shrimp export online is that you may do not know where the suppliers harvested them from. However, most of the shrimp sold in the market now is a farmed shrimp and thus you may need to ask how they manage the shrimp in the farms. Due to over caught and the high demand in seafood industry, the shrimp is now raised and cultivated in the farms. Both small farmers and large manufacturers like to distribute farmed shrimp while the issue of being farmed shrimp is that the possibility of contamination and disease. It is important to ask the exporters how they raise the shrimp in their ponds or tanks! Make sure that they follow good standards and rules to ensure the safety of the shrimp. And when the shrimp arrive at your place, you still need to inspect them properly.
2.      Look for certification from major organizations
You should look for shrimp that sold by exporters is already certified by independent organizations or agencies. This is to make sure that the shrimp offered to you is raised without antibiotics and other chemical things. Farmers that conduct such practice needs to be prohibited to export their products. If you find the suppliers cannot show you their certifications and cannot ensure you about the sustainability then you can move to other shrimp exporters.
3.      The inspection
When you finally import the shrimp and they are arrive at your country, they need to go through some inspections. You need to have a good timing when you want to ask for inspection, do not just call the staff one hour before the shipment arrive. You should tell them few days before about 2 to 3 days before the shipment arrive.
In conclusion, importing seafood like the shrimp from frozen shrimp export is quite challenging. Maybe you will think about import them illegally because it requires less permission and shorter time, but do not try it. You will get a trouble when you done that. It is better to follow step by step when importing seafood legally and when you done it once, the next day you want to order the shrimp again from shrimp suppliers, it will get easier.
Hope this information regarding how to import from frozen shrimp export suppliers help you understand more about export import activities and why you should consider many things while being smart when conduct that for your business.

Frozen Shrimp Processing Quick Explanation

Frozen shrimp processing has been conducted by various countries in order to maintain the freshness of the seafood product . In fact, such process is not only being applied for shrimp International trade but also for wide variety of seafood including fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardine, and so on. With frozen processing, the shrimp needs to be stored in specific temperature to prevent them getting rotten. The shrimp will be air tight packaged as well and then distributed to many places where the consumers can buy them directly at grocery stores or supermarket. They also can be purchased directly from shrimp suppliers which willing to deliver you their shrimp products in frozen state.

About frozen shrimp processing
Usually the shrimp will be frozen directly right after out of the ocean so they can be kept fresh and alive. The manufacturers are also like to frozen the shrimp after the shrimps arrive on the facilities and in fact unless there is a freezer on board, all the process including cooking need to be handled ashore. The whole raw shrimp should be processed at facilities which close to the ports of landing to ensure that the shrimp processed in clean and hygienic factories with a bit loss of quality if the shrimp is frozen at the sea quickly after caught.
Frozen whole shrimp processing
The shrimp can be processed to freeze earlier on the board but such frozen shrimp processing is also applicable on shore. The raw shrimp can be frozen within two to three days right after capture and then to be processed further just like fresh shrimp processing, the marine animal needs to be thawed first.
The cold storage of shrimp
Raw or cooked whole shrimp are frozen individually in blocks or air blast storage with water in plate freezer and if you can store them properly, they can be kept in good condition with temperature between -30 degrees Celsius for about at least 6 months, while if you keeping it in the temperature -20 degrees Celsius the shrimp will last for 3 to 4 months and a month when stored at -10 degrees Celsius. For your information, whole shrimp which stored at -10 degrees Celsius will be more difficult to peel after you thaw it. If you store blocks of shrimp with added water then they can be kept for as long as 6 months at -20 degrees Celsius and less period for 2 to 3 months at -10 degrees Celsius. In the end, it is recommended to store the shrimp at -30 degrees Celsius whenever possible so you can save the shrimp a bit last longer.
Frozen shrimp product in the market or store
You can find easily a frozen shrimp product packaged in good condition. There are available as tail-off, head off, both tail and head off, or as a whole. They can be purchased in either raw or cooked state as well. The raw or cooked frozen shrimp sometimes will develop cold store flavor and odor during storage. Moreover, the shrimp which cooked after frozen in the cold storage sometimes has a paler appearance than shrimp that cooked before frozen. Both of the cooked and raw shrimp before being sold and distributed to the market needs to be protected from the dehydration during cold storage by suitable and proper packaging or glazing.
After you purchase the shrimp, they need to be thawed first before you use them to cook. To thaw the shrimp, you can simply store them in refrigerator overnight so they can be thawed slowly or if you want to speed the thawing process, you can put the shrimp in water for few minutes before you cook them immediately. But, please when you want to purchase frozen shrimp at supermarket, you should need to check their condition. Make sure that they are still edible and if the shrimp is packaged tightly, you need to ensure there is no damages or torn on the package.
Different countries and producers may have different frozen shrimp processing and therefore, it is understand that you cannot follow all of their freeze processing. As customers, you may want to ask them how they freeze and store the whole shrimp at facilities to ensure the quality of their shrimp products.

How to Get Cheaper Frozen Shrimp Price?

How much is the frozen shrimp price is depending on the species and the quantity that you buy. For example, black tiger shrimp with jumbo size can cost more than other shrimp species type especially those which have smaller size. When buying shrimp, it is good to consider about the price however the quality of the shrimp also needs to be checked before you buying one. Moreover, it is preferable to purchase frozen shrimp instead of fresh shrimp that displayed on the seafood shelves. The frozen shrimp which mostly sold in 5 pound blocks can be as good as the fresh shrimp at grocery stores and even they can be better.

How to get cheap frozen shrimp price
If you want to get cheap frozen shrimp price in a bulk then you need to find a market that offer wholesale seafood. There are many major and large grocery stores such as Costco Wallmart, they market mostly imported the shrimp from Asian countries which sold to them in cheaper prices. So you can go to those large stores and then try to find good frozen shrimp in bags offered for only few bucks. But, if you run a business and then you need bulk order the shrimp in really large quantities, it is better to import from the country origin to get cheaper price. If you purchase from local distributors or manufacturers, they tend to higher the price already so you may as well get the shrimp from the first hand.
There are many Asian countries act as large shrimp producers and exporters including Indonesia, Thailand, and Philippines. You can try to contact one of those producers and then ask for the price and also discount if you intent to buy the shrimp in large quantities because they may give you lower price. You can order the shrimp online too, however you need to make sure that you get from trusted suppliers and not only interested with the cheap frozen shrimp price online they likely to offer. You should ask about their quality control and management, how they will store and ship the shrimp, as well as how they can manage to bring you high quality of shrimp. Because when you purchasing seafood online, it is important to be sure that the shrimp you want to buy has been handled and stored properly.
Why go frozen instead of fresh?
There is nothing wrong buying frozen seafood like in this case the frozen shrimp. If you live near coastal area, maybe you can get fresh and raw even alive shrimp and so you can be sure about their quality and freshness. However, if you just simply want to purchase fresh shrimp in local supermarket or grocery stores then there is nothing that can ensure you the shrimp still as freshest as when they are first caught. They can be previously thawed or frozen before and then labeled as the fresh shrimp on the seafood counter. Shrimp suppliers usually will freeze their shrimp before being delivered to various places and if the supermarkets import their shrimp products then they can be 3 to 4 days previously being frozen, you even cannot tell that. This is why it is better to pick frozen shrimp because those fresh shrimp you seen on the market, they actually frozen earlier.
Anyway, you also need to be smart when judge and buy the shrimp and not only look for lower frozen shrimp price. There are frozen shrimp that sold in airtight packages or stored in ice block. For recommendation, it is better to purchase frozen shrimp stored in plastic packages rather than those which stored in ice block because they are not as good as plastic packaged shrimp especially when used to cook some recipes. Furthermore, before you order the shrimp from online shrimp suppliers, ask for the overnight shipping cost because overnight ship tends to have higher price. You also need to make sure that the shrimp still in good condition when arrive at your place.
Frozen shrimp price is tend to be lower than fresh shrimp and therefore, it also a good reason of why you need to go with frozen seafood instead of the fresh one. Besides, when you purchase frozen, you can store them for later use unlike fresh shrimp which need to be cooked as soon as possible.

About Frozen Shrimp HACCP Plan and How to Conduct It

Frozen shrimp HACCP plan needs to be conducted in the frozen seafood industry which produce and export their products to various countries. Shrimp is one of the most important commercial food sources along with prawn and other fish like salmon and tuna. Most of them originally caught from marine, although there are other species which live and harvested in rivers, estuaries, and lakes. Shrimp is a scavenger that lives close to the bottom or just swimming in the mid water along with other marine creatures like plankton while others are also an active predator.
There is about more than sixty percents shrimp supply in the world source from wild caught, although environmental factors and disease sometime makes the production going fall and in the end, the shrimp needs to be cultivated in shrimp farms so the industry can meet international market demand. Nowadays, tropical shrimp is farmed in various countries all over the world and most of the farm raised shrimp comes from developed countries like Indonesia, Thailand, and other Asian countries as well as Central and South America like Ecuador and Mexico.

About frozen shrimp HACCP plan
All of the shrimp produced by various countries in either shrimp farms or wild caught are the subject of safety hazard. This make countries that import shrimp products tighten the quality of the shrimp especially the hygienic and safety standards and thus exporting countries need to learn and fulfill such standards so they can still be allowed to trade their seafood products (in this case shrimp manufacture) in International market. Therefore, International organizations and communities have agreed to apply the benefits of frozen shrimp HACCP plan.
What is HACCP Plan?
HACCP refers to Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points and it is a principal that you need to follow as well as a system which needs to be completed to ensure the safety of the seafood you want to trade. Shrimp industry need to follow this standard so the health hazards can be prevented or at least minimized. Many countries have been adopted this standard and the system to produce seafood such as shrimp under HACCP principles will internationally evaluated and reviewed.
Frozen shrimp HACCP plan has been internationally accepted particularly for countries like Canada, EU (European Union), Australia, Japan, New Zealand, United States, etc. for their seafood safety and of course countries that suppose to export to these countries also need to follow similar standards to get accepted. With this HACCP principle, it can help and support the determination to equivalence different seafood inspection system in all over the world.
Developing frozen shrimp HACCP Plan
To develop HACCP plan you need to understand that this require a solid team and determination to produce shrimp as well as other seafood commodities that meet International safety food standards. There are some tasks which need to be required to develop HACCP plan so all the principles can correctly be conducted. Here are quick explanations regarding the tasks that designed so the frozen shrimp HACCP plan can be completed properly in right the manner.
1.      First is to establish HACCP team to analysis and identify all the likely hazards. It is recommended if the team is made up from people with different disciplines to fully understand and analyzes possible hazards.
2.      Describe the product such as customer specification, product description, how the product is going to be packaged, stored, distributed, and so on.
3.      Identify how the shrimp product is intended to be used like information whether the shrimps will be consumed directly or still need further process or need to be cooked, etc.
4.      Draw the CFD (Commodity Flow Diagram) and sometime it needs diagram for different countries and such. After that the team should also visit the commodity system for on-site confirmation of the CFD.
5.      Start to identify and analyze the hazards both real and possible safety hazards to successfully conduct frozen shrimp HACCP plan.
6.      The team needs to determine the specific and critical control, next establish the critical limit. After that the team also needs to monitor the procedure and if the procedure is not being met then the team should plan for corrective action.
7.      The last thing is to verify the HACCP plan and then keep the record of all the process.
Those are several tasks which you can follow regarding how to conduct frozen shrimp HACCP plan.

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