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Shrimps and Prawns Difference in Terms of Characteristics

Shrimps and prawns difference can be seen biologically so when people told you that there is no difference between shrimps and the prawns then they are totally wrong. It is not just about the taste, but their body structure and characteristic is different as well. People often mistake prawns as shrimps even after they are being served and consumed because really, sometime you cannot tell the different from their taste. So, what are the differences of shrimp versus prawns? Let’s learn about these species in deep understanding by reading our information below.

Are shrimps and prawns different one from another?
Brits and Aussies say prawn while Americans prefer to say shrimp, but are you sure that they are the same thing or there is any difference? Those who like to use both names maybe simply said to you that prawn is the bigger one and the smaller one is shrimp, but that’s how wrong people often mistakenly said because you can also find shrimp in big size and prawn is smaller size as well. It is as clearly as the day that shrimps and prawns are different species. Of course they are both scientifically classified as decapods crustaceans with external skeletons and ten legs. The suborders are different though:
-          Shrimp are the suborder of Infraorder Caridea and Pleocyemata
-          Prawns is the suborder of Dendrobrandchiata
Beside the different suborder, you can also tell the difference of shrimp vs. prawns by several factors such as:
1.      Their anatomies
First is the difference in the gills because while prawns have branching from, the shrimps have plate-like or lamellar gills. Moreover, prawns have three pairs of claw-like legs unlike shrimps which only have two pair of claw-like legs. Their front pinchers are usually the largest.
In addition, their body form is different as well if you want to pay attention carefully. Prawns have each segment overlaps the one behind thus the second segment overlaps the third one only. The case is different with the shrimp since the second segment overlaps the first and third segments. Their bending form is also different because prawns do not have distinct bend unlike the shrimp. And those are the shrimps and prawns difference in the terms of their body anatomies.
2.      Their live habitat
In relation with aquaculture and farming, prawns are strictly living in freshwater while shrimps are marine animals. This characteristic applied mostly for prawn and shrimp raised by farming method especially giant tiger prawn and white leg shrimp.
Those two points maybe can help you understand more about shrimps and prawns difference and although they are different, but both of them are interchangeable in the kitchen. Even shrimp species alone have different taste or flavor.
Now, how to choose shrimp and prawns?
Well, to make it simple, most of shrimp sold in the market are smaller than prawns so you can choose them based on the size. However, there are still a lot of thing which you need to consider when buying either shrimp or prawns such as:
-          Their smell should be fresh, if you smell something weird or off-putting like ammonia then avoid buying the seafood.
-          Their skins should not look too slimy and not easier to fall apart. They should not look so limp too.
-          If you see any visible black spot on their head and body, do not buy it because it is mean they are not in the best condition.
Most of shrimp and prawns sold in the supermarket sourced from the farm because it is difficult to get wild-caught shrimp or prawns unless you are living in coastal area. Always purchase living and fresh shrimp or prawns if you have some access, but if you not then purchase them in the frozen state is better than you buy the seafood labeled as fresh but in fact they are possible just previously thawed because you can’t tell it clearly.
As for the taste, it is hard to tell but you can cook both of the seafood in many ways such as frying, broiling, and grilling, etc. You can try different recipes to cook the shrimp product or prawns product and you can even change shrimp recipe with prawns and the other way. Hope this information will help you a lot regarding shrimp and prawns difference.

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