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Different Shrimp Classification Common for Eat

Since there are wide variety species of shrimp in the world, it is important to know which shrimp classification common for eat. Most of people in the world do love shrimp and this amazing small marine animal has numerous nutrients like minerals and protein. But did you realize that when you order shrimp salad or shrimp cocktail, your shrimp can actually be one of millions of different species? Even how the shrimp is caught and where they are come from can actually be different, from wild caught to farmed shrimp and domestic to imported shrimp. There are so many possible different origins and you may want to understand more about different shrimp classification common for eat.
Several shrimp classification common for eat
To help you understand more about which shrimp are safe to be consumed and sold widely in the market then we give you some list of shrimp classification common for eat. By knowing what shrimp to eat, you can ask the restaurant or supermarket clearly about your shrimp preference. Here are some of the species:
1.      Giant Tiger Shrimp
People also love to mention it as giant tiger prawn, although shrimp vs prawn can really be different. This is one of the most famous as well as the biggest shrimp in the world which commonly caught as human food. This shrimp can be found swimming through Indo-Pacific oceans and Atlantic Ocean in United States.
2.      Banded Coral Shrimp
Just like its name, this type of shrimp can be found in coral reefs with colorful and small body size, this particular shrimp like to being offered as aquarium pet too. It is mean that such shrimp truthfully does not mean to be placed on your plate and it is not shrimp classification common for eat. However, it could still being mixed with other unidentifiable species of shrimps especially and thus you do not need to be shocked when you see banded coral shrimp blended with other shrimp species and then served in your meal.
3.      Blue shrimp
This kind of species often mistakenly labeled as gulf pink. This shrimp widely distributed from Mexico since it is origin from Peru to Mexico in eastern Pacific. However, due to the overfished, Blue Shrimp is now listed as a shrimp species which need to be avoided.
4.      Brown, pink, and white shrimp
When you order gulf shrimp, there is big change that you are going to eat brown, pink, and white shrimp. These shrimp can be caught in the Southeast Atlantic waters as well as Gulf of Mexico. The demand of gulf shrimp as seafood is high and being white shrimp is the most popular out of the two. And when you talk about white shrimp, in fact there are still so many different species can be classified aside guld white shrimp.
5.      Royal red shrimp
This shrimp is considered to be one of the most luxurious and expensive shrimp species due to the lobster like taste with bright red color. Royal red shrimp classification common for eat is considered to be really delicious even more than brown, pink, and white shrimp varieties. It has sweetest and softest flavor and really a delicate meal to have.
6.      Farmed whiteleg shrimp
The whiteleg shrimp is the most common farmed shrimp species in the world and distributed widely. However, this species are often mistakenly sold as wild caught shrimp or gulf shrimp. Farming shrimp has become usual method to breed shrimp and more than 50 percents shrimp exported to various countries sourced from the shrimp ponds instead of wild caught in the ocean or rivers.
That’s several shrimp classification common for eat which you need to understand more so you are not mistakenly labeled them especially if you a restaurant owner or chef who like to serve shrimp meals for their customers.
In fact there is still thousands of shrimp classification common for eat whether taken from domestic area or imported from other countries. Any kind of shrimp species that you love to buy and eat, just make sure that you really understand what species of shrimp you purchase and what size you want to take because numerous shrimp species also vary in the terms of size, form, and taste.

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